Foundation Wellness offers a range of wellness services, and we bring them to you! We offer on-location personal training and small-group training; exercise classes; biometric screening; corporate massage; lunch and learns; self-defense classes and other group events. Whether you have a wellness center on property, or no dedicated space at all, we can help devise a plan to get you and/or members of your organization exercising, eating well, and taking other positive steps toward optimal health.

When it comes to physical activity and its role in preventive health, we place this front and center in our programming and offer a wide variety of options. We at Foundation Wellness believe in a holistic approach and never lose sight of what social scientists refer to as the dimensions of wellness. These aspects of optimal health and vitality are each essential and intertwined. In this vein, we don't just offer mind/body classes such as yoga; we also offer ergonomic and mindfulness instruction in various settings such as in the workplace and in the garden, so that individuals are more likely have yoga "off the mat" moments as well. (Good posture, breathing, focus, and balance aren't just important while in class.) In addition to yoga teachers, we feature FW instructors experienced in pilates, tai chi, circuit, sculpt, Zumba, kickboxing, and other group formats. All of our group-exercise instructors and personal trainers are certified and insured. 

At FW, we place as much emphasis on what a person puts into their body as we do on the energy-output side of things. Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. There's no shortage of nutritionists out there, both "certified" and self-proclaimed. These individuals often dispense advice that is not only incorrect, but depending on your nutrition needs, can even be dangerous. However, in most of the US, there is just one professional designation that licenses nutrition professionals to prescribe detailed diet plans and practice medical nutrition therapy. It’s the gold standard for both safety and effectiveness. Registered dietitians (RDs) are licensed, allied health professionals, who are trained to assist clients and patients as they sift through myriad claims made in the popular media and dubious fad diets promising easy, quick results. This is why Foundation Wellness contracts with RDs for all nutrition-related projects.

In addition to our onsite services, we are proud to partner with Results Fitness to serve our shared clientele at premium fitness spaces around the Nashville area, including the flagship, Music Row location at 1617 16th Ave S (named repeatedly over the years in Nashville Scene’s annual "Best of” issue), Sobro’s 222, and Franklin Sports Hall. We collaborate with Results to provide workshops and other corporate events, nutrition consulting, individual yoga therapy, massage, community self-defense classes, and more!

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