The Foundation of organizational excellence is Wellness.

Get familiarized with the Seven Dimensions of Wellness, the intertwining areas of one's life that contribute to the pursuit of optimal health.

Foundation Wellness, LLC is a Nashville-based company, providing onsite wellness services throughout Middle Tennessee. We are a community of exercise physiologists, registered dietitians, trainers, health coaches, group-exercise instructors, and other professionals, who help employers achieve healthier workplaces as they improve the bottom line. We engage your workforce in a positive way, increasing participation through educational sessions, regular reminders, and onsite relationship building. Simply put, FW is the wellness company that shows up. The end result is increased productivity, reduced absenteeism (and "presenteeism"), and decreased medical costs for your employees. Let us be your "boots on the ground."

Foundation Wellness works with nonprofits to address problems that we collectively face such as childhood obesity. Through our highly qualified wellness professionals, we consult with people of all ages and backgrounds on the importance of healthy eating and regular participation in an exercise program. We work with museums and similar organizations to provide onsite programming that entertains, educates, and contributes to the greater good.   

In addition to our corporate and nonprofit wellness offerings, Foundation is also the gold standard for personal training and nutrition consulting in a variety of community settings. We only contract with the highest credentialed professionals for maximum safety and effectiveness. Contact us today for complete session and package information, and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for wellness-related news and company updates.



T: +1 615.473.2452