Contact us, and let us come be your "boots on the ground."

T: +1 615.473.2452

Foundation Wellness for Businesses

Use the above contact info to set up your initial consultation. Once we complete a thorough assessment of your physical layout, business culture, and current wellness offerings, we will provide a comprehensive report and list of menu options that Foundation Wellness can offer at your place of business. All items will be listed with both employer/employee satisfaction and return on investment (ROI) in mind. Call today to begin creating a "culture of health" at your workplace. 

Personal Training at Foundation Wellness

Individuals can call or email today and be paired with one of the best personal trainers in the Greater Nashville area. All of our trainers are certified through NCCA-accredited organizations and possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities to help take your physical fitness to the next level. Whether you are looking for motivation or accountability (or both), let a Foundation Wellness trainer guide you in your pursuit of optimal health.

Group Exercise at Foundation Wellness

Whether you are a business owner, member of a homeowners' association, or building manager, we are your solution for group-exercise programming. We offer yoga, mat pilates, tai chi, circuit, Zumba, and many more varieties of class formats, and we offer them onsite wherever YOU are. All our instructors are certified, insured, and experienced at working with groups to deliver fun and effective class programming. Call or email today to receive individual session and package information. 

Nutrition Consulting at Foundation Wellness

One can contact Foundation Wellness and have a registered dietitian (RD) come do an initial consultation that addresses nutrition through the prism of optimal health. All your personal wellness goals and medical history will be taken into consideration as our RDs provide dietary guidance. RDs are licensed, allied health professionals and the only individuals authorized by the State of Tennessee to prescribe specific food plans.

Foundation Wellness and Nonprofits 

Foundation Wellness works with Nashville area nonprofits to address problems that we collectively face, ranging from childhood obesity to the strains on our healthcare system related to the aging population. Through our highly qualified wellness professionals, we provide engaging programming for people of all ages and backgrounds on the importance of healthy lifestyle choices. Consult with FW through the contact info above to begin a dialogue on what type of wellness partnership would best serve both your organization and the greater good.