Pie Town

A few years ago, a South Nashville neighborhood began a rebranding effort named for its delicious shape formed by the borders of 8th Avenue, Lafayette Street, and Interstate 40. And if Google Maps is any indication, I would say the campaign was indeed successful. Type "Pie Town Nashville" today and you will see the undeniable pie-shaped image containing such cool Nashville businesses as Third Man Records, Tennessee Brew Works, Hot Diggity Dogs, and City Winery. This used to be known as a pretty seedy part of town, and it remains rough around the edges. There are still remnants of that gritty, urban feel. But as local artist and owner of Isle of Printing Bryce McCloud states in a 2014 Fox 17 interview, "It's a place that it's okay to be a little crusty on the edges, but sweet in the middle. It's Pie Town." 


At the conclusion of the aforementioned Fox 17 piece, news reporter Kai Beech adds, "Now, the people behind Pie Town say they're seeking the city's help to improve this area even more by adding extra amenities and services." And this is exactly what Foundation Wellness is partnering with Pie Town business InDo Nashville to do. Every Tuesday at noon, Foundation is now offering yoga classes onsite at InDo (632 Fogg Street) for all in the area who would like to attend. The drop-in rate is $10 with packages available at $80 for 10 sessions (just $8 per session). It's hard to beat this price for onsite yoga in such a prime, downtown location! Now that Pie Town is officially A Thing, and has been for a while, let's bring the original vision of its founders to fruition. Come help us build Pie Town Wellness by supporting the type of service that sweetens the crust with the pursuit of optimal health.